We are a well-trained and experienced group of prevention specialists, case managers, recovery specialists, and counselors serving children and families in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton counties.

Through our programs, children, parents, and whole families learn new approaches to problem-solving, allowing them to overcome adversity. We offer community support and collaboration to address substance abuse, mental health issues and violence both in the home and on our streets.

CDAC is the primary community behavioral health resource for substance abuse prevention and intervention in Northwest Florida. We holistically approach problems by engaging the entire community including schools, law enforcement, parents, advocates, students, and case managers.

  • Elementary, middle, and high school youth learn positive choices and behaviors that lead to healthy lives through our RISE and ECHO programs.
  • Mothers and families living in low-income communities are able to help their children succeed in school — thus helping stop the cycle of poverty — through our Project BOOST program.
  • Babies are born drug-free and families stay intact, safe, and healthy through our Women and Family Intervention Services program.
  • Evidence-based, age-specific parenting programs are provided through our Parenting for Prevention program to parents struggling with difficult situations.
  • Area behavioral health professionals obtain CEUs through our Continuing Education program.

Our Mission

Supporting Positive Lifestyles and Choices for Families and Communities through Prevention and Intervention

Our Values

Respect — We honor the rights and beliefs of others. We respect and value diverse life challenges and work to create an environment that is inclusive of all.

Excellence — We strive to be the best in quality and everything we do.

Integrity — We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in all actions we take.

Motivation — We celebrate success, recognizing the achievements of clients and staff.

Accountability — We take responsibility for our performance and we meet our commitments.

CDAC Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. offers a number of different programs which are individual-centered, strength-based and developed from evidence-based practices. The Board of Directors and agency leadership established a goal to improve organizational competence and financial viability, as well as to increase accountability, ensuring that CDAC will continue to be a high-performing organization and a leader in the community.

The fundamental principles of the our PQI program are designed to improve the quality of services, continue to evaluate the individual’s needs and services provided, increase cost effectiveness, and ensure compliance with external regulations and stakeholders’ expectations, as well as internal standards of performance. The PQI plan is broad-based and includes all employees, Board of Directors, individuals/consumers and external stakeholders. Input collected from these players allows us to establish strategic priorities and goals.

CDAC’s PQI Program is intended to determine and improve the overall quality of services in every program while promoting excellence and continually improving. The PQI program also aims to achieve and maintain high levels of stakeholder satisfaction and ensure CDAC staff accountability for services and outcomes. By consistently monitoring all programs, CDAC gains assurance that all services delivered are appropriate, effective, and necessary. The CDAC Board of Directors and leadership endorse the collection and constructive use of data to promote high learning/high performance results. Performance and outcome expectations are communicated in a supportive manner and ensure protection for employees who identify areas of needed improvement. CDAC provides for “whistle-blower” protections. The vision, mission and core values of CDAC are the foundation for all Performance Quality Improvement efforts and processes. Accordingly, individual rights and confidentiality will be protected throughout all PQI processes.