The Education and Counseling for High School Opportunities (ECHO) program is designed to help high school students who have issues with adjustment, peer relationships, family stress, grief, low self-esteem, emotional engagement and anger control.

Students are referred by parents, teachers, guidance counselors, deans, peers, or by self-referral. After assessment, students can receive individual or group support or may be referred to a community resource. Information revealed to the preventionist is strictly confidential and is provided on two levels:

  • Selective: Assessment of problems through individual sessions for skill building and education
  • Indicated: Strive to decrease experimental drug and alcohol use through positive coping skills and by increasing positive peer and social relationships and negative peer relationships.

Santa Rosa County program locations include the following:

  • Central High School
  • Gulf Breeze High School
  • Jay High School
  • Learning Academy
  • Locklin Technical Center
  • Milton High School
  • Navarre High School
  • Pace High School
  • Santa Rosa High