Executive Director/CEO

Leashia Scrivner

Leashia Scrivner has been the Executive Director/CEO of CDAC Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.. since January 2010. She is responsible for overseeing all of CDAC’s operations and building strong and effective relationships with many community sectors.

Leashia’s thirty year career has been dedicated to educational and non-profit behavioral health organizations. She began her work with CDAC in 1994, as Director of the WISE program and she has been an Adjunct Instructor at Northwest Florida State College since 1989.

Leashia graduated from the University of South Alabama and has a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She and her husband of 35 years are from families of educators. They have carried on this tradition with him teaching 5th grade and their daughter teaching special education.

Currently, Leashia is on the Board of Directors for several local organizations and is a member of many Behavioral Health/Child Welfare Committees in the local area.

A Letter From the Executive Director

For more than 45 years, CDAC has been putting children and families first by providing quality Prevention and Intervention services. Drug and alcohol abuse touches the lives of many individuals and families. Addressing this issue is not simple or easy.

Our mission is to keep our community healthy, productive and safe by providing services and information to prevent abuse and to help those adversely affected by alcohol and drugs. We reach people at home, at school, and in the community. While the job of prevention is never done, we succeed every time a youth makes a healthy decision and we celebrate every time a family is strengthened.

CDAC’s standard of excellence is well known and we are devoted to continual improvement. The positive impact that our dedicated and professional staff has for our community is not only life-changing, but generation changing. With the support of our Board of Directors, who represent a broad spectrum of the community, and our strong relationships with state and local agencies, we look forward to our future of promoting positive and healthy development of children, youth and families.

  • Leashia W. Scrivner MS
    Executive Director/CEO
  • Becky Daniels
    Administrative Assistant
  • Patti Beebe MS
    Finance Director
  • Linda Gordon
    Finance Assistant
  • Charity Hamilton MBA
    Director of Human Resources
  • Thomas Chen
    Director of Evaluation and Innovation
  • Linda Wilson BSW, CMHFA, CWF
    Continuing Education Program Director
  • Linda Wilson BSW, CMHFA, CWF
    Continuing Education Program Director
  • Chris Salter MS, CMHFA, MHFAI
    Outreach Specialist
  • Jennifer Luchak MSW
    Veterans Treatment Court Care Coordinator
  • Denise Manassa BS
    Director of Community Prevention
  • Lisa Viquelia CPS
    Community Prevention Assistant
  • Medena Williams BA
    Community Preventionist (Project BOOST)
  • Dorothy Lewis BS, CPP
    Community Preventionist (Project BOOST)
  • Ardetta McDougal BS
    Community Preventionist (Project BOOST)
  • Kimberly Brown BA
    Community Preventionist (Project BOOST)
  • Sue Nast MA, CPP, CMHP
    Director of School Programs
  • Stephanie Peterson LCSW
    School Coordinator (Staff and Program Development)
  • Lana Kaufman M.Ed.
    School Coordinator (Quality Assurance and Training)
  • Jennifer DeVries MS, CPP, CMHP
    School Counselor, Pace High (ECHO)
  • Leann Knapp MSW, CPP, CMHP
    School Counselor, Gulf Breeze High (ECHO)
  • Ashley Hansford LMHC
    School Counselor, Milton High (ECHO)
  • Dawn Brackney MS
    School Counselor, Navarre High (ECHO)
  • Stacey Reeder MSSA, LCSW
    School Counselor, Jay High/Central High (ECHO)
  • Sarah Cunningham M.Ed.
    School Counselor, The Learning Academy/SAIL (ECHO)
  • Kyra E. Steinnecker MA
    School Counselor, Santa Rosa High/Locklin Technical Center (ECHO)
  • Barbara Walker
    School Counselor, Gulf Breeze High (ECHO)
  • Laynie Gibson MA
    School Counselor, Pensacola High (ECHO PPG)
  • Cecily Moore MS
    School Counselor, Escambia High (ECHO PPG)
  • Katie Harrington MSW
    School Counselor, Pine Forest High (ECHO PPG)
  • Monica Davis LMFT
    School Counselor, Tate High (ECHO PPG)
  • Gwendolyn Abrams BSW, CPP, CMHP
    School Counselor, Molino Park Elementary (RISE Escambia)
  • Jennifer Crounse BSW
    School Counselor, Oakcrest Middle (RISE Escambia)
  • Samantha Koehler MA, MCAP
    School Counselor, Bellview Middle (RISE Escambia)
  • Isoke DuPont MS
    School Counselor, Ransom Middle (RISE Escambia)
  • Erin Post LCSW
    School Counselor, Ferry Pass Middle (RISE Escambia)
  • Amberlyne Greco MS
    School Counselor, Holley-Navarre Middle (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Kathleen Guy MSW
    School Counselor, Avalon Middle/Sims Middle (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Katelyn English Odom MA
    School Counselor, West Navarre Primary/Holley-Navarre Primary (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Michelle Kistler MSW
    School Counselor, Oriole Beach Elementary (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Michelle Clifford MS
    School Counselor, SS Dixon Primary/SS Dixon Intermediate (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Olga Porter
    School Counselor, Pea Ridge Elementary/Bagdad Elementary (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Afiya K. Hooker MS
    School Counselor, King Middle (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Kim Crow MSW, MS
    School Counselor, Chumuckla Elementary/Jay Elementary (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Stephanie Kane MS
    School Counselor, Berryhill Elementary (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Becky Garthwaite MSW, CAP
    School Counselor, Holley-Navarre Intermediate (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Amanda Santamaria LCSW
    School Counselor, Woodlawn Beach Middle/Gulf Breeze Middle (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Barbara Walker
    School Counselor, Gulf Breeze Middle (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • A. Reese Holt Psy.D.
    School Counselor, Gulf Breeze Elementary/West Navarre Intermediate (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Eileen Wolfe LMHC, CCTP
    School Counselor, Hobbs Middle (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Kassie Cook MSW
    School Counselor, East Milton Elementary (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Ceciley Crowley
    School Counselor, Rhodes Elementary (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Courtney A. Valero MS, NCC
    School Counselor, Bennett Russell Elementary (RISE Santa Rosa)
  • Kara Price-Williams MSW
    WFIS Program Director
  • Kendra Bozard MSW, CBHCM
    WFIS Program Coordinator
  • Deborah Foster BSW
    Care Coordinator
  • Judy Savage CRPS
    Recovery Specialist
  • Carol Phillips CRPS
    Recovery Specialist
  • Cathy Henderson
    WFIS Assistant
  • Renee King RHIT
    Medical Records Coordinator
  • Angela Jackson BS, CBHCM, CRSS
    Case Manager, Escambia County
  • Jennifer Glass MS, CBHCM
    Case Manager, Escambia County
  • Andrea Flynn BS
    Case Manager, Escambia County
  • Brittany Durlauf BSW
    Case Manager, Santa Rosa County
  • Sondra Gingerich MA, CMHP, CBHCM
    Senior Case Manager, Santa Rosa County
  • Felicia Leslie BSW
    Case Manager, Okaloosa County
  • Hayley McCain BS, CBHCM
    Case Manager, Okaloosa County
  • Brittany Whitman BSW, CBHCM
    Case Manager, Okaloosa County
  • Elizabeth Gilmore BS, CBHCM
    Senior Case Manager, Walton County