As part three of the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children Training Program, this is where local plans are formulated and action is taken.

Training/County Strategy Development

Substance abuse impacts our communities in many ways to include crime, child welfare, family, health and education. Communities must come together to impact and reverse the effects of substance abuse. This half day session will include additional training regarding Drug Endangered Children and provide a platform for planning that will address drug endangered children and communities through the development of collaborative relationships to help address all aspects of substance abuse from prevention to criminal justice to child welfare and treatment.

This training will be two part. First, is the Local DEC Development training which teaches law enforcement, child welfare and their professional colleagues and community partners about the benefits of forming local DEC alliances that formalize working relationships between the professionals who are involved with drug endangered children and their families. Second, there will be a breakout session by county to begin the process of developing a collaborative approach based on our local community needs.

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